About Us

Founded in 2009 by Nick Swenson, Groveland Capital, LLC is an investment advisory focused on unearthing unique investment opportunities that provide confidence in return potential while safeguarding financial principal. Our funds seek to generate consistent, positive and absolute returns across all market cycles. Our portfolio consists of The Groveland Fund and The AO Partners I Fund (AOP).

Proven Track Record

Nick Swenson, founder and portfolio manager, is responsible for developing and implementing the funds investment strategy at Groveland Capital. Previously, Mr. Swenson was founder and portfolio manager of the Whitebox Hedged High Yield Fund (WB HHY) from inception in 2002 through February 2009, where he grew Assets Under Management at Whitebox from $10 million to $1.65 billion.


Groveland Capital is comprised of a seasoned team of industry professionals with over 25 years of experience executing key elements of the firm’s investment strategies. The team’s experience spans multiple credit, equity, and market cycles. This includes work at Whitebox Advisors, Resource Land Holdings, and Varde Partners.


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News Mentions

Nick Swenson, CEO & Portfolio Manager

Mr. Nick Swenson is responsible for Groveland’s investment portfolio.

Prior to founding Groveland Capital in 2009, Nick was Founder and Portfolio Manager of the Whitebox Hedged High Yield Fund operated by Whitebox Advisors, LLC. He was also a Co-Portfolio Manager of the Whitebox Combined Fund and Pandora Fund.

Nick was Founder and Portfolio Manager for the Whitebox Hedged High Yield Fund for seven years from inception in January 2002 through February 2009, where he grew assets under management from $10 million to $1.65 billion.

Previously, he was a distressed debt analyst at Varde Partners, a hedge fund focusing on investments in bankrupt companies. Nick’s background also includes capital markets experience at Piper Jaffray and Lehman Brothers.

Today, Nick is a regular contributor to financial press, including Business Week, The New York Times, and Bloomberg. His efforts while at Whitebox Advisors were referenced in Michael Lewis’ book “The Big Short” as one of the few managers to correctly navigate the subprime trade market. In 2007, Nick earned award-winning recognition from HFM Week.

Nick earned a B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, in History from Middlebury College in 1991, and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1996.

Seth Barkett, Portfolio Manager

Mr. Seth Barkett has primary responsibility for organizing and implementing the company’s research activities.

Prior to joining Groveland, Barkett was Co-Portfolio Manager at Vela Capital, managing a long/short fund that focused on small-cap equities. Seth’s responsibilities included idea generation, thesis development, financial analysis, risk management and trading.

Previously, Barkett was an associate at Storm Lake Capital (SLC), a merchant banking affiliate of Whitebox Advisors that invested in privately held distressed automotive suppliers. At SLC, Barkett pursued management buyouts, recapitalizations and corporate restructurings. Barkett was also involved in sourcing deal flow, executing due diligence and managing portfolio investments.

Barkett began his career as a financial analyst at Resource Land Holdings, a private equity firm with alternative investments in agriculture, timber, mining and environmental assets.

Barkett earned a B.A. in Business and Economics from Wheaton College.