Today’s Market Opportunity

At Groveland Capital, we are focused on unearthing unique investment opportunities via a fund portfolio that provides confidence in return potential while safeguarding financial principal.

Our Investing Angle of Attack

Market Volatility

  • Increases in volatility create significant opportunities
  • Volatility leads to relative and absolute mispricing which we can exploit to create attractive positions
  • Opportunities in value, arbitrage and in temporary dislocations

Not All Funds Created Equal

  • A research process that uncovers good trades based on solid research into the value of a business or an arbitrage situation
  • Emphasis on a “street level” view of markets and companies
  • At times, portfolio hedges to limit downside
  • Proven track record of finding good trades in all markets conditions

Investing Stance

  • Be informed by intelligent buying and trading
  • Small and micro cap equities can represent good value
  • Distressed situations can represent good value
  • Opportunistic at all times

Fund Portfolio

The Groveland Fund

  • The Groveland Fund seeks to make attractive, risk-adjusted returns in all market climates by putting together a full portfolio puzzle.
  • Leveraging extensive experience and a global network, Groveland Capital’s seasoned team uses fundamental disciplines and processes in their work to unearth unique investment opportunities.
  • The Groveland Fund clientele, who are often attracted to our value+arbitrage investing approach, are seeking nirvana volatility with alpha return potential.
  • Fund Objectives: High return expectations, strong current yields, a well-hedged portfolio, and opportunistic execution in the credit and equity markets.

The AO Partners I Fund (AOP)

  • The AOP Fund makes concentrated investments in undervalued U.S. small-cap companies that have stable cash flows and excess assets.
  • The AOP Fund strives to improve shareholder value. This goal can be accomplished in many ways, including by educating, persuading, nudging or challenging management teams.
  • The AOP Fund clientele are long-term investors who recognize that small-cap companies represent real opportunity yet value recognition may take some time to realize.
  • Fund Objectives: Invest in undervalued stocks and see that value is realized.